In PUBG Mobile, fans will experience the power of Bruce Lee, and enemies’ work will be completed in a single blow

The latest update of PUBG Mobile features the martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee Theme in Pubg mobile

It has been a few days since the latest update 2.4 was rolled out for the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile. Bruce Lee collaborated with the company on the new update. For a limited time, users will be able to enjoy martial arts-themed events as well as new skins and outfits.

Beginning January 10, 2023, Bruce Lee Skins and Martial Arts will be available in PUBG Mobile. Additionally, the company shared a trailer video teasing the PUBG Mobile and Bruce Lee collaboration.

As the trailer opens, a character dressed in Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow suit is lying in water. While this is happening, the sound of ‘wake-up’ can be heard in the background. As he stands up, he realizes that he is standing exactly in the same place and he tries to pass out from shock. It wasn’t long before he remembered that his bike had crashed and that he had fallen in the water.

Bruce Lee Theme in Pubg mobile

The character then finds himself facing Bruce Lee in a martial arts arena. Throughout the movie, Bruce Lee fights and motivates the character at the same time. Following that, Bruce Lee struck him hard with a punch. The character is now prepared to face the enemies he was afraid of after this punch. A picture of Bruce Lee holding a pan concludes the trailer.

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As part of the latest update, PUBG Mobile has also introduced Panda Buddies. Among the three variants, one is without clothes, another has a straw hat, and the third has a Bruce Leek costume. In addition, Panda Buddies will appear alongside players on the Battle Ground.

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