Fix Battle Rifle Headshots Challenge Not Counting Bug MW2 WZ2

Fix Battle Rifle Headshots Challenge Not Counting Bug MW2 WZ2

How to Fix Battle Rifle Headshots Challenge Not Counting Bug MW2 WZ2 – Does the MW2 Battle Rifle challenge not work and does not track kills? There are many people who experience this annoying problem, so you aren’t alone. In the aftermath of the release of Modern Warfare 2, players have reported a wide range of bugs. It seems that Daily Challenges are particularly glitchy.

It appears that Battle Rifle challenges are not working at all for many players. Here’s what you can do if you’re experiencing the “Battle Rifle Headshot Challenges Not Counting Bug” in MW2 or Warzone 2. Let’s see how to fix it.

Modern Warfare 2 Battle Rifle Challenges Not Working Fix

Currently, only four Battle Rifles are available in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. As a result, there are not many options available for completing the Battle Rifle challenges at the moment. However, with future updates, more Battle Rifles will no doubt be added. There is no relation between the number of Battle Rifles available in the game and the “Battle Rifle Headshots Challenge Not Counting” bug. That’s not true at all.

There is currently only one gun in Battle Rifle Challenges that tracks kill toward the challenge – the Lachmann-762.

This battle rifle is based on the Heckler & Koch G3 and is available right away as the game’s first weapon. Assault Rifles within their respective weapon platforms unlock other Battle Rifles with their receivers. It’s for this reason that MW2 doesn’t count toward the Battle Rifle Headshots challenge.

Having Battle Rifle challenges not work two months after the game’s release is not a good look for Infinity Ward. Hopefully, they will be able to fix this issue and others in the near future. For Battle Rifle challenges, the only 100% working workaround is to use the Lachmann-762.


So this is how you can fix Battle Rifle Headshots Challenge Not Counting Bug MW2 WZ2. If you found this article helpful then do share it with your friends and let us know which more games you want to know about in the comment box.

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