Clash of Clans December 2022 Gold Pass Hack: Information, Rewards, And More

The December 2022 Gold Pass will have the Jolly Queen skin

Clash of Clans December 2022 Gold Pass Hack

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Once again, it’s December, which means Clashmas! The Clash of Clans December 2022 Gold Pass includes the Jolly Queen skin to celebrate Clashmas. In the past, the Jolly King and Warden skins have been fan favorites, and now the Archer Queen has her own Jolly skin.

Besides having the same hat as the Jolly King, the Jolly Queen has the same red and white outfit as Ms. Santa Claus, along with a new hairstyle! Whenever her ability is invoked, she fires her weapon as a Cannon rather than her regular X-bow, and her weapon is carried in the form of three shooting candy canes.

Clash of Clans December 2022 Gold Pass Season: Jolly Queen skin

This December’s Gold Pass season concludes Supercell’s Jolly skin set with the new Queen. As confirmed by leaks showing the Archer Queen’s new look and attacks, Supercell revealed some of the elements of this skin on Twitter.

The Jolly Queen lets out all her happy energy by laughing, skipping, and shooting her new Candy Cane Cannon. Apparently, she is prancing and humming in her world while enjoying her new gun that replaced her X-bow.

In addition to her custom animations, the Jolly Queen only has a few original sound and visual effects. Considering all the pros and cons, you can always buy the Gold Pass to try out the Queen’s new persona and don’t forget to use Creator Codes to support your favorite content creators when making a purchase.

Clash of Clans December 2022 Gold Pass Reward Tiers

  • 3000,000 Gold
  • 3000,000 Elixir
  • 30,000 Dark Elixir
  • 1000,000 Builder Gold
  • 1000,000 Builder Elixir
  • 3000 Capital Gold
  • Resource, Training, and Power Potions
  • Book of Heroes

In addition, Premium Paid users who purchase the Gold Pass will receive Training, Research, and Builder Boost, and 1-Gem Donations:

  • Builder, Research, Hero, and Super Potions
  • Shovel of Obstacles
  • Book of Building and Book of Fighting
  • Rune of Gold and Elixir
  • Rune of Builder Gold
  • Rune of Dark Elixir
  • Wall Ring
  • 3000 Capital Gold
  • Clashmas Jolly Queen Skin


 POINTS                REWARDS 

    40  –               1 Gem Donation 

    80 –            10% Training Boost

  120 –            10% Research boost

  160 –            10%  Builder boost

  200 –             Bigger Season Bank 

   260 –               Builder Potion 

   320 –              Book of Building 

   380 –               Power Potion    

   440 –                5x Wall Ring

   500 –              2x Clock Potion 

   580 –             Rune of Dark Elixir 

   660 -.          Bigger Season Bank

   740 –            Rune of Builder Elixir 

   820 –            15% Research Boost

   900 –            15% Builder Boost

   980 –            15% Training Boost 

 1060 –            3000 Capital Gold 

 1140 –             Book of Spells 

 1220 –           Bigger Season Bank 

 1300 –             2x Hero Potion 

 1400 –             Book of Fighting 

 1500 –               Rune of Elixir 

 1600 –           20% Builder boost

 1700 –          20% Research Boost

 1850 –           20% Training Boost 

 2000 –           Bigger Season Bank

 2150 –               5x Wall Ring

 2300 –                Rune of Gold

 2450 –            Shovel of obstacles   

 2600 –            Jolly Queen Skin

Clash of Clans Redeem Codes (December 2022)

The redeem codes for clash of clans are an excellent way to obtain free resources in the game, and they are also used to get exclusive in-game rewards, such as a free bag of gems, a pack of gems, a box of gems, or even the full chest of gems with a lot of gems if you have the fortune.

The latest clash of clans redeem codes (December 2022) can be found here –

  • 26UZH9
  • SHALA96
  • 66SO6D
  • 12LK69
  • EGULA96
  • 89UYZ8
  • 325HSD
  • 98HDW3
  • 966WR1
  • HUDAI965
  • LKD86DW
  • BUDAI363
  • 85KIDSS

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How to Redeem Clash of Clans Promo Codes?

It is very easy to redeem Clash of Clans promo codes, just follow the steps –

  • Log in to your account using your clash of clans ID and password.
  • Go to the settings tab and look for the ‘Redeem gems’ section.
  • Use the latest codes we’ve shared in this post to get gems.
  • Click ‘Get’ and the free gems will be automatically credited to your account.
  • Take advantage of your free resources, such as gems.


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  1. How do you get unlimited gems on Clash of Clans for free?

    The easiest way to start getting more resources automatically is to enter your ID on the app’s homepage, along with how many coins or gems you want. Next, choose either ‘get coins’ or ‘get gems’ to begin the validation process, depending on the resource you want.

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